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Trauma Release 

With trauma release coaching/ hypnosis in Vail, Colorado we use a modality of coaching which frees the soul of past traumas and creates an opportunity to build on infinite possibilities by reconditioning the mind. Using the building blocks of self-love and self-forgiveness.  Most of what we hold onto is not ours to carry. Trauma release healing is very powerful and highly effective.

We are conditioned by our past to make us who we are today. We were left without the tools to move beyond what was out of our control. It is so easy to fall into patterns that hold us back from our greatness, and often, are not even aware they exist or there is any other option.  With Hypnotherapy / Trauma Release and behavior change strategies your desired lifestyle will soon become your reality.

We work together using hypnosis and other coaching techniques to quickly and easily remove or reprogram those old limiting beliefs and blocks and allow you to shift your reality and create the best, fullest, most abundant and healed version of yourself. 

The best part of doing trauma release with hypnosis is that you do not relive anything from your past.  Your unconscious mind knows where all of your old (even hidden) past traumas are.  Once you are in a highly relaxed state I guide you through a trauma release process that lets your unconscious mind do all the work.  When the session is complete you feel better than you have in a long time! 

This is my passion and I love holding space for you on your Healing Journey. 

I am currently only offering virtual sessions. I can also custom create a recording for you so that you can listen at your own convenience, as often as you would like. I also offer one on one coaching to give you a very custom, personal experience. 

Call, text or email me now to schedule your session or to order your recording. 

Deep Dive Intensive Healing 

Change happens the moment you decide.

Business and Personal intensives are nourishment for the soul and a clearing for the mind.

Walk into the intensive feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, unclear, paralyzed in your thoughts …

Leave with the feeling of absolute clarity, excitement to embrace the possibilities, and a knowing of what is possible.

Together we will reconstruct your thought patterns to prepare you for what is next.

Anything is possible.

And it is all yours.

I am in the business of inspiring and uplifting others to live more joyfully and consciously in the present. 

Contact me now to get started! 


I am currently only offering virtual sessions. I can also custom create a recording for you so that you can listen at your own convenience, as often as you would like. 

Hypnotherapy is a highly relaxed mental state, in which we bypass the critical mind.  In other words, the mind is relaxed and ready to learn: the mind becomes much more susceptible to suggestion.

In deeply relaxed hypnosis we can override the automatic thoughts and update old thinking (using neuroplasticity) you will be open to new suggestions and be ready to change easily. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness caused by little more than the power of suggestion to help facilitate behavioral and emotional change. I am a trained hypnotherapist and use a trancelike state with my clients by using auditory, visual, or other perceptual cues.

During hypnosis you are awake, aware and can communicate with me at all times.  You are in complete control the entire time. 

Hypnotherapy with Root of the Mind here in Vail, Colorado is safe and highly effective.  We work together to decrease anxiety, reduce or eliminate stress, increase self-esteem, self-worth and confidence, phobias, fears, find true love, allows for deep soul healing, inner child healing, helps increase fertility, sports performance, stop smoking, weight reduction, and so much more.  

Email or call to find out more now.  

Angie 502-551-3773

Life Coaching 

Life balance coaching can be a coaching program all on its own or we can integrate it and make it a part of your Hypnotherapy and Healing Sessions.

We'll start by identifying all your obvious and hidden stressors and come up with solutions and new ways of dealing with them that will empower you instead of draining you.  After that we will create a daily routine for letting go of stress, relaxing and creating the life of your dreams full of love, joy, happiness and abundance.  

You only get one life.  Make sure you don't let it pass you by. 

Call or email me now for your free consultation. My office is located here in Louisville, Kentucky.  

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